Samsung Continues to Go After Apple in New Galaxy S9 Adverts

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple and Samsung have a long history of feuding, but only one of those companies has been more openly critical of the other's business practices. I'm talking about Samsung, which has  along history of releasing adverts mocking Apple for one reason or another. Now there are three more showing how amazing* the Galaxy S9 is compared to the iPhone X.

Each advert focuses on one of three things where the Galaxy S9 excels compared to the iPhone X. Or at least the three Samsung would really like you to focus on: the headphone jack, the fast charger, and the camera. Because the iPhone X doesn't support 3.5mm headphone cables, doesn't come with a fast charger right out of the box, and apparently doesn't have as good a camera as the S9.

All valid points, really, tough I really doubt customers have ever gone into an Apple Store and had those sorts of conversations. I definitely don't believe the Apple Store people would give such half-hearted lazy answers, rather than parroting company policy that explains why you don't need a headphone jack or a fast charger in the box. I definitely don't believe they'd bring up DxO Mark scores when there are plenty of other ways they could try and flog the iPhone X's camera.

While the adverts make their point, especially where the fast charger and dongles are concerned, they still come across as a little... petty. There are plenty of better ways you can take shots at Apple and the iPhone X, even without having into the technical store non-nerds don't care about. You're better than this Samsung, these are just sloppy. [Ubergizmo]

*heavy sarcasm here