Samsung's Galaxy X Folding Phone Might Not Fold All the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung. Folding phone.  Galaxy X. Due early next year. You know the drill by now, because we've been hearing about Samsung's folding phone ambitions for years. It's supposed to be a phone that can actually bend in on itself, rather than relying on an ugly-ass hinge, but word is it might not be able to fold in all the way.

According to a report from Korean news site ETNews, the phone will only fold two thirds of the way. That means, if this is accurate, that there's zero chance of you being able to fold up the phone and slip it in your pocket like you would an old-school flip phone.

“There are many ways to fold. When folded in half, the display is invisible, so the display is folded only about two-thirds. The time is displayed, or the form showing the number when the phone is called. When folded, the aspect ratio is estimated to be closer to a rectangle than a square.”

As Ubergizmo points out, that's a little bit like how flip phones would let you lift up the top of the phone a portion of the way, letting you see the screen without completing any complex actions like answering a call.

The site also mentions the phone is supposed to have a 7-inch display when "folded into an in-fold folding display ". The translation is a bit dodgy there, but I can only assume this just means the phone has a 7-inch display. Folding it up can't really change the size, unless I'm missing something very obvious. Everything we've heard points towards this being a folding phone, not a dual-screen display like that old prototype that leaked a couple of weeks back.

ETNews also mentions that the plan is for Samsung to release the phone early next year, but that release schedule depends on the company being able to "achieve the yield and reliability of its foldable panels." In other words if Samsung can't produce enough good quality folding panels the phone won't be getting released. A smart, though slightly obvious, movie.

From what we've heard Samsung will only be releasing the Galaxy X in limited numbers, in order to test the market, so it's not like it's going to need to produce millions of panels by January. But that limited number comes with a downside, in that the phone is currently expected to cost within the region of $2,000 (£1,528). [ETNews via Ubergizmo]