Samsung's Got Plenty More Adverts That Try and Make Apple the Butt of the Joke

By Tom Pritchard on at

The other day Samsung released three adverts that deliberately pointed out flaws in the iPhone, and made fun of them in an attempt to drive customers towards the Galaxy S9. Some were better than the others, but if you though Samsung was willing to stop at three you have another thing coming. Today it's gone and released three more, all along the same theme.

This time the adverts focus on the iPhone's notch, the lack of expandable storage, and the fact only iPads have multitasking features. Again they're of mixed quality, especially since only one of those things is a clear problem with the iPhone. Plenty of phones have notches, and the fact that your phone doesn't isn't really a huge selling point. Not unless it's one of those phones that has pop-up cameras. As for multitasking, does anyone use it so much that it would make them switch brands?

At least the Apple Genius seems a lot more competent this time, and not dismissing the customers' concerns by essentially shrugging and going "it is what it is". These still don't seem like actual conversations that would actually be had in an Apple store, or any phone shop really. I know it's a Samsung advert, would would a regular person namedrop a phone like that? I'm not so sure, and those that would probably did the research that would help them skip a trip to the Apple Store.

At least these adverts are a lot less petty than the last batch. [Slashgear]