Samsung's Next Smartwatch is Probably Called the Galaxy Watch, May Come With Bixby

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been a good 18 months since Samsung launched the Gear S3 smartwatch, and rumours about a follow up have been circulating for a while now. In the past we've heard that Samsung might ditch the Gear S moniker in favour of the more synergistic Galaxy Watch branding, and now it seems that's actually going to happen. On top of that a separate report claims Samsung will be adding its Bixby virtual assistant to the new wearable.

The name change comes courtesy of a filing with the Korean Intellectual Property office (via SamMobile), with Samsung filing the new brand and the Galaxy Watch logo. There's nothing overly special about the logo, since it's just 'Samsung Galaxy Watch' in the typical Samsung font, and the filing doesn't really tell us much else. There's no word on when this watch might launch, what features it has, or what OS it might run. I'd put my money on Tizen, like many other Samsung watches, but there's always the chance Samsung will reverse course and readopt Google's Wear OS.

As for Bixby, this information comes from SamMobile who claim Samsung will be replacing the now-ancient S Voice with Bixby on the Galaxy Watch. Which makes sense when you think about it. Samsung has been pushing Bixby for a while, and even though the assistant hasn't been very well received it's not likely to give up anytime soon. If Microsoft can still try and peddle Cortana, then Samsung can still peddle Bixby. Plus since older watches had voice controls it makes sense to upgrade the Galaxy Watch with the latest stuff, especially since 'Bixby 2.0' is confirmed to be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 9.

SamMobile notes that this likely won't add an extra button to the Galaxy Watch, instead using the now-standard wakeup command "Hi Bixby". Which all sounds nice. Whether anyone will actually buy a Galaxy Watch and be happy using Bixby is another matter.