Short Film A Father's Day Imagines a Gruesomely Sweet Zombie Family Reunion 

By Cheryl Eddy on at

Most zombie tales are set just as the outbreak is happening, as desperate people — often families, as seen in recent films like Cargo and Train to Busan, but going all the way back to Night of the Living Dead — try to protect their loved ones. This short puts a refreshingly different perspective on the familiar.

It’s called A Father’s Day, which is kind of a giveaway title, but Mat Johns’ poignant (and very, very gruesome, as befits the subject matter—maybe wait until after you’ve eaten to watch) short film focuses on a reunion that takes place post-apocalypse. Feasting on a fresh kill, a zombie man spots a zombie girl lurking hungrily in the background, and even though he’s rotting off his bones, there’s a flash of recognition. They can’t talk, and they can barely walk, but dammit... family is family. [Short of the Week]