Sky Mobile's Piggybank Rewards Lets You Spend Your Unused Data on New Gadgets

By Tom Pritchard on at

One of Sky Mobile's biggest selling points is the fact that it's very generous its data allowances. Or rather it rather generously lets you keep anything you haven't used at the end of the month, and claim it back at a later date - provided you meet reclamation criteria in the T&Cs. Now the network is going a step further, by letting you save up your unused data and spend it on new gadgets.

Piggybank Rewards is a pretty simple concept. Every time your unused data goes unused, it gets added to your Sky Mobile piggybank where it will sit around waiting to be reclaimed 1GB at a time. Now, though, that allowance can also be used to purchase or get discounts from gadgets in the shop. While we can't see exactly what's available Sky promises that products like phones, tablets, and accessories will be available, and from big name brands. The Sky Mobile site says rewards change monthly, so there should be a rolling selection of products to choose from.

The only downside is that you can only claim up to £50 off each purchase by cashing in your data, but you will be able to see how much your savings are worth by signing into your Sky mobile account. If you'd rather stick to claiming back data every so often you can, though Sky claims 90 per cent of its customers will have already saved up enough data to claim some sort of reward.

Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile, said:

"When we launched Sky Mobile, we wanted to offer the best possible deal to our customers. Automatically saving their unused data with Roll was a big part of this.

"Our customers have saved over £50 million worth of data so far, which would have been lost with other networks.  Now we’re improving Roll even more with Piggybank Rewards - turning customer’s unused data into savings on new phones, tablets and accessories."