St Paul's Not Happy About London's Latest Skyscraper Plan

By Gary Cutlack on at

The planning department within the City of London's bureaucratic chambers has granted permission for a new tower to be built near all the other oddball recent towers the bankers had made, with this one nicknamed the "Cheesegrater 2" because it looks a bit like another one that's already up. It won't be referred to by this cute little nickname by the guardians of St Paul's cathedral, though, as they're furious that another glassy wedge is eroding some of London's classic street views.

The formal name for the development that enemies will be calling it is 100 Leadenhall Street, which will home a 56-storey new build that'll be the city's third-tallest glass thing once fully erect. The developers would like it to be nicknamed "The Diamond" though, as it's got diamond-shaped windows and it's a word associated with wealth. Bankers will like saying they work in The Diamond.

The managers of St Paul's are calling it a sad reflection on the state of architecture and planning decisions in the city, though, with a spokesperson saying it's irrevocably damaging some of London's most iconic street scenes, and explaining: "...once removed, these views can never be restored. Even very small infractions, when repeated over time, will eventually erode the most iconic of views. It is for this reason that we have felt the need to object to this development."

But it's a bit late as permission has already been given, and the current plan includes a free public viewing gallery to please the locals. [Telegraph]