Tarantulas on the Loose in Derbyshire

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some weird person abandoned a batch of massive imported spiders in a car park in Derbyshire, with onlookers saying the babies remained in the pots to be captured -- but warning that the adult pair "scuttled away."

The RSPCA has the young Brazilian bird-eating spiders safely in captivity, but witnesses in Somercotes say that the adults escaped when a vehicle crushed their containers and the driver saw the big ones making their getaway. It's a fantastic origin story for a local superhero that's soon to appear in the pages of local paper the Derbyshire Times, solving bin-related crimes.

The remaining pots of baby spiders and their contents are in the hands of a spider expert, who's keeping them warm in the hope other eggs might hatch. No further sightings of mum and dad have been reported. [Guardian]