Tesla Launches One Model 3 into the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Model 3, Tesla's cheap-as-a-Leaf EV, is coming to the UK soon, although there's one quite massive catch. The electric car company is bringing just one Model 3 over to show people, almost as if it's rubbing in the car's lack of UK availability. You might be able to buy it, though, if you're nice to the Tesla UK stand reps and they're not planning on sending it back.

One Model 3 in US-spec is to be dropped off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where potential buyers optimistic of it ever coming to the UK in right-hand format will be able to take photos of themselves in front of it to @ to Elon Musk in the hope of a social media nod from the cross-platform tech genius. Tesla's official production timeline says it expects to start making international deliveries of the Model 3 in 2019, the year it'll also start the production of a right-hand drive model.

The 2018 Festival of Speed kicks off on July 12, if you want to go and imagine having one and getting a congratulatory DM from Elon. [Top Gear]