The 2018 England Squad Have Been Added to Miniland at Legoland Windsor

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite all the people who jumped on the bandwagon after England started doing well in the World Cup, our national team did not win the tournament. France did, and England got beaten by Belgium (again) to come in fourth. Still it's the best result the team has managed since 1990, and some footbally types are quite pleased with the results regardless. Not as much as if they'd won, but still. So lots of things are being done to celebrate, including adding the team to the Miniland area of Legoland Windsor.

Everyone who's been to Legoland will remember that Miniland is the area of the part filled with miniature Lego versions of the real world. Parts of London, Billund, the USA, and so on. Also among them are mini people that have been put together by the model-making team at the park, the latest additions of which are, naturally, the current England line-up.

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The team have been set up outside St Basil's Cathedral, one of the newest buildings added to Miniland's latest refresh, which makes sense given the location of England's new-found international footballing prowess. The team is also accompanied by manager Gareth Southgate, who is easily recognisable for wearing his now-trademark waistcoat.

Lauren Moss, Senior PR Manager at the Legoland Windsor Resort said:

We felt it was only right to mark the efforts of this fantastic team. Our Model Makers had great fun creating the tiny scene, from the 23 LEGO brick England flags, to the tiny football made from just 6 bricks. We can’t wait to see our guest’s reaction to the new scene, which will be on display until the end of the summer.”

The team is on display now, and will be there until the end of August, so if you want to get a glimpse for yourself you'll have to get down to Windsor sharpish. Tickets are available on the Legoland Windsor Website. You can see some pictures of the display at the source. [Brick Fanatics]