The First's Teaser Trailer is Ridiculously Cryptic

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

Teaser trailers are supposed to give you just enough information about the actual thing they’re teasing to entice you to actually watch the thing when it’s released. Apparently, the folks working on Hulu’s upcoming series The First didn’t get the memo.

The First is a series about a group of astronauts attempting to colonise and terraform Mars as their families back on Earth struggle to cope with the fact that they may never see their loved ones again. That’s basically the plot to any movie or series about Earth’s first interplanetary colonisation, which is what makes the teaser for The First so perplexing, because it doesn’t really tell you all that much about what’s going to set its story apart from the competition.

So...yeah, you’re in for a whole lot of Sean Penn if and when you decide to check The First out, which premieres in September. Hopefully by then, we’ll actually know whether the series is worth looking forward to.

Featured image: Hulu