The Folding Samsung Galaxy X May Come Before the S10, Not After

By Tom Pritchard on at

Rumours are a fickle thing. Plans change, some things were never true to begin with, and it's basically impossible to tell what's real and what's not - especially this early in the cycle. We've been seeing rumours on the folding Samsung Galaxy X trickle out for a few months, and more recently some bits and pieces about the Galaxy S10. Now it seems the release date rumours we've heard have been flipped.

Originally we'd heard that the Galaxy S10 would be arriving earlier than the S9 did this year, with many expecting it to be unveiled at CES at the start of January. Samsung originally promised the folding Galaxy X would arrive before the end of 2018, but following a delay rumours expected it to be unveiled sometime in February. Now, noted leaker Ice Universe claims those dates have been reversed, meaning the X will arriveĀ at CES in January and the S10 will arrive at MWC in February - much like the Galaxy S9 did this year.

The change makes a bit of sense when you think about it. CES is the go to place for all the biggest and best tech, while MWC is primarily a conference for phones and mobile tech. That's not to say the Galaxy X would be out of place at MWC, just that it's a much better fit for CES than the Galaxy S10 - especially given the fact nobody's release a folding phone that didn't rely on some sort of hinge connecting two separate displays.

Still, CES is another six months away, so there's even more time for things to change - especially if Samsung has issues manufacturing the Galaxy X. A folding phone can't be easy to make, hence why it's supposed to be playing it safe by only making a limited number of devices. Don't take it as gospel just yet. [TechRadar]