The Galaxy Note 9 Might End Up Being the Last Galaxy Note

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's about two and a half weeks until Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 9 to the world, but if fresh rumours are to be believed it might just be the last time Samsung launches a Galaxy Note product. It's all because Samsung is supposedly considering merging the Galaxy Note brand with the Galaxy S range.

The news comes from "sources in the electronics industry" speaking to Korean site The Bell, claiming that Samsung has been discussing this idea for the better part of a year. While there's no telling whether it might come to pass, it doesn't seem that daft an idea. Samsung already changed the Note range's numbering to match the Galaxy S with the launch of the Note 7. The Galaxy S+ phones are also surprisingly similar to the Note devices, with the lack of stylus being the only major difference.

According to The Bell a merger would mean Samsung's flagship release would be limited to once a year, rather than every six months as the situation is now. It's not clear whether this would mean the end of the S-Pen phone, the end of the S+ range, or if Samsung would just release everything in one go. Given rumours have claimed Samsung will be releasing three versions of the Galaxy S10, it seems the latter is a possibility. Given the advances rumoured to be coming to the S-Pen this year it also seems just as unlikely that it won't scrap the stylus altogether.

But obviously all this is unconfirmed, and we won't really know for sure until the company makes some sort of announcement. [The Bell via TechRadar]