The Good News is at Least the Chillies Will be Spicier

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something good's coming from the heatwave that's dried out most of the country, with the nation's main supermarket supplier of chillies saying that those grown during this fierce and spicy UK summer will end up tasting fiercer and spicier too.

This is according to the battered taste buds of chilli farmer Salvatore Genovese, who says that varieties grown here over the unusually dry and warm summer months could end up being around 20 per cent hotter than usual. Genovese explains that the stresses placed upon plants grown during drought periods appears to make them "angry" – and angry plants produce hotter fruits as you might expect.

Genovese supplies a million chillies a week to the UK supermarkets, including the Guinness-certified world's hottest Carolina Reaper; so if you want to prove something and possibly trigger a fit or a stroke, late-summer 2018 is the time to give a Reaper a try. [The Times]