The Grand Tour Blew Up Jeremy Clarkson's House, and Now He's Building a Bigger One

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in the very first series of The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson lost a bet that meant Richard Hammond and James May were allowed by blow up his house. He pretended to be shocked and upset about the whole thing, but really we know it had all been staged and planned out ahead of time - as is The Grand Tour way. Well staged in that it was always going to happen, because they really did blow up Clarkson's house. And now he's building a bigger one.

Clarkson has just been granted planning permission to build a new three story, six bedroom 'mansion' complete with a basement cinema, games room, and a 'party barn'. A basement cinema is an excellent choice, especially if he has a 4K HDR projector to watch the complimentary Prime Video subscription I assume he gets for having his show on the service. As for the party barn, there aren't any details on what it might entail, but it seems likely that there won't be a smoking ban inside.

Other features include space for five cars (obviously), a special garage for quad bikes, a walled garden, an orangery, a horse yard, and five bathrooms. Presumably the horses will have their own barn/living area, and won't be shoved into the party barn.

Whether it gets built is another thing. Clarkson had applied for planning permission to build a six bed house in the past, but never went through with construction. That house was supposed to have a swimming pool, orchard, croquet lawn and tennis court, and a later planning application (post explosion) dropped the pool and tennis court. Now that he has permission for the new abode things might get underway, meaning Diddly Squat farm won't be living up to its name for much longer. [The Sun]