The iPhone 8 Returns to The Top of The Sales Charts, and it Might Have Something to do With The World Cup

By Dave Meikleham on at

Spoiler: Apple is making a lot of money with its portable telephone devices. It's also not a huge surprise that new sales figures show the iPhone 8 is outselling the more expensive iPhone X.

Image: Apple

According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 8 has returned to the top of the sales charts once more, reaching a 2.4% market share compared to the X's 2.3%. Considering the 8 is around £300 cheaper than its shinier sibling, those numbers shouldn't have you dropping your monocle into your port in shock.

These latest sales figures also show the iPhone 8 is narrowly outselling the Galaxy S9 Plus, and the boost in sales in Europe may be attributed to the firm's footy-centric "How to shoot on iPhone" ads. Apparently, there's some sort of tournament going on in Russia just now, and football may or may not be coming gnome. Is that right?