The Latest Galaxy Watch Leak Came From Samsung Itself

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've heard bits and pieces about the next Samsung smartwatch over the past several weeks, including word that the company is ditching the 'Gear' moniker in favour of 'Galaxy Watch'. Because that's the same name as the phones, and businesses are all about brand synergy. Now that last little fact seems to have been confirmed, after Samsung accidentally revealed the new watch on its own website.

a 42mm pink Rose Gold Galaxy Watch appeared on Samsung's American retail site sometime in the early afternoon yesterday, confirming that the Galaxy Watch is a thing that will be arriving at some point fairly soon. Seeing as how there's a Galaxy Unpacked event planned for 9th August, that's a good a time as any for Samsung to reveal a bunch of new stuff alongside the Galaxy Note 9.

Naturally the store link has been taken down, but there wasn't a whole lot of information there in the first place. It's round, obviously, which is a good thing, and has the model number SM-R810NZDAXAR. CNET points out that this doesn't match recent Stateside FCC filings, but the R800 bit matches a previously rumoured brand name. So the site speculates that this is a variant model of some kind, which would make sense. After all Samsung isn't going to release a single model and hope lots of people want to buy it.

The Next Web also notes that the watch will probably include wireless charging, a fact revealed following the leak of Samsung's new two-device wireless charger.

As you can see on the side it mentions the Galaxy Watch by name, promising it can be charged alongside a phone - much like Apple's long-delayed AirPower wireless charging mat. It's not clear whether this charger will have any other fancy features like those Apple promised, but it makes a point or repeatedly mentioning that it's fast charging. Hopefully that fast charging is level (or at least close to) that found in Samsung's wired charger. [CNET via The Next Web]

Featured image: Scott Stein/CNET