The Newest Iron Fist Teaser Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at Danny Rand's Comics-Inspired Look

By Julie Muncy on at

Image: Netflix

In the most recent, still pretty brief teaser for Marvel’s second season of Iron Fist, we get menace and a little bit of fanservice: flashbacks to villainous figures that Danny refers to as “bad memories,” interspersed with a fight that looks pretty sharp, with two warriors tangling fist-to-fist in a marbled, round room.

And then, in that fight, we see Danny put on this:

Danny Rand, wearing an Iron Fist mask. Finally? Image: Netflix

In the flashback, it’s framed as, perhaps, part of his training, a mask of some sort of ritual or rite. But fans will recognise it as very similar — though perhaps a bit more homebrew than one would like — to the classic Iron Fist combo, which merges yellow mask with green tunic.

I’m a bit torn on the look. It’s a little silly, and a little self important, but isn’t that just about right, for Danny Rand? I dunno; debate it in the comments, Marvel fans. And check out the rest of the teaser:

Iron Fist season two drops on September 7, 2018, on Netflix, and one of these days we’re going to get a full-length trailer for it.