The NHS Appointment-Booking App is Coming This Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The digital part of the NHS is preparing to launch an official, health service-wide smartphone app, with the power to let the ill or the just worried book an appointment through their magical interaction devices.

Not only that, the app will be able to handle repeat prescriptions and also let patients view their medical records, with the idea being that it'll let people feel a bit more involved in their healthcare. And stop phoning up so much so receptionists can have a bit of a break.

The app also comes with a 111 helpline service that guides potential appointment makers through their symptoms, designed to perhaps convince hypochondriacs that it's nothing serious and they should maybe just stop scratching it for a bit, plus there are options to choose from about organ donation and your preferred choice when it comes to "end-of-life care," which must be a sort of digital do not resuscitate notice. Charming.

But don't try to find the app now, though, as it's not out yet, even though the BBC has had a go on what looks like a near-finished version. Testing of the NHS app starts in September, they say, with the full release down for sick season in December. [GOV via BBC]