The Wimbledon Finals Are Also Available in 4K on Eurosport, if You Have Virgin TV

By Tom Pritchard on at

A couple of weeks ago the BBC announced its next 4K TV trial would involve streaming Wimbledon in 4K HDR via BBC iPlayer - much like it's been doing with the World Cup. The difference was that Sky was also offering Sky Q customers the chance to watch later stages in regular 4K via the red button. Now Virgin is getting in on that action with Eurosport.

Virgin TV customers with a V6 box will be able to tune into both the Mens' and Womens' Wimbledon finals and watch all the action on Eurosport in 4K. The announcement doesn't mention anything about the doubles finals, though, so don't be surprised if they're not included.

The matches can be watched from the homepage or Full House customers can press the red button on Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 HD (channels 521 and 522), all without costing the viewer anything beyond their regular subscription. While the bad news is that these games aren't quite as comprehensive as the BBC trial, not does it mention anything about HDR, V6 owners can also watch BBC coverage through the integrated iPlayer app, which includes HDR (assuming you have a compatible TV).

That means you can watch matches other than the finals in 4K without needing a separate box or device. Similarly there are no mentions of there being limited places available, unlike the BBC, so this is a less stressful option.

The tournament starts today, with the Womens' final set to take place on 14th July and the Mens' on 15th.