There's a Place That Actually Wants a Margaret Thatcher Statue

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Margaret Thatcher statue that wasn't allowed to be displayed in London because her family and several millions of other people thought it would be a bad idea, may soon have somewhere to be dumped. In Grantham, her home town.

Council officials are apparently keen on having the 10-foot bronze, built by sculptor Douglas Jennings using crowd money in the town, and are asking the Public Memorials Appeal for permission to house it somewhere where people can gather to pay their respects or launch balloons filled with piss at it or put trade union t-shirts on it.

Local council leader Matthew Lee is already aware of how much of his budget he's going to have to set aside to remove marker pen, spray paint and human excrement from it every morning, and said: "No-one can dispute she was a very divisive character... but we are honouring her as a person and her links to this town, whatever you think of her politics." [BBC]

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