There's Vegan Electricity Now Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

People worried about accidentally aiding the processing of animals into tasty fridge snacks requiring minimal chewing: good news has arrived. There's vegan electricity now, eliminating troublesome animal by-products from the process of charging your telephone.

It's necessary because some forms of power generation are non-vegan, specifically those that use anaerobic digestion to eat away the wastes of the food industry to create low-CO2 gas, power and heat. By-products from the dairy industry are used in the anaerobic creation of biogas, while the slurry run-off from cattle farms is also utilised by some green producers. But of course, there's an animal pooing all this out, and that animal's probably going to be turned into sausages and have its bones mashed up to be put in sugary recreations of fried eggs or whatever, so ultimately it might be considered non-vegan.

This vegan-certified power option is being orchestrated by green energy supplier Ecotricity, which says rival supplier and generator SSE has admitted to using dead salmon from a fish farm to make electricity in the past, so if you don't want any part of that modern weirdness you might be reassured by Ecotricity's Vegan Society registration status that proves your electricity is not powered by rotting meat.

Ecotricity's Dale Vince said: "For millions of Britons there’s a secret ingredient in their power, energy companies big, small, brown and green are using the by-products of factory farming to make electricity and gas. That’s not against the law, but it shouldn’t be a secret, any more than the ingredients in the food we buy should be secret 4--- energy suppliers need to come clean. We need clear labelling of energy sourcing so that people can make informed choices." [Ecotricity via Business Green]