This Animation Shows All the Routes Aircraft are Taking for Today's RAF100 Flyby

By Tom Pritchard on at

You have to give the RAF some credit with how much it's done to try make sure people can enjoy today's 100th anniversary Flyby, even if they aren't in London. Yesterday we published the route of the flyby itself, which is due to fly over Buckingham Palace at 1pm, and there's an app that will let everyone see it in augmented reality regardless of where they are. Now it's released an animation that shows all the different routes the 25 types of aircraft will take before and after the event.

It's not hugely detailed, and doesn't show which aircraft is which, but you can see they're coming from all over England and meeting up just west of Suffolk. Apparently they're due to form up at 12.45, before heading south west towards London. The first aircraft are set to reach Buckingham palace at 1pm, with the flyby lasting nine whole minutes.

So take a close look at the video and work out whether you're underneath any of those routes. Given the time it's likely you missed them flying out to Suffolk already, but you might get the chance to see them on their way back. I'm sure your boss wouldn't mind you popping out to have a look, would they? Just as long as you don't end up leaving a line of customers or clients waiting to be dealt with.