Three is Giving Customers Priority Boarding With EasyJet

By Tom Pritchard on at

Flying with budget airlines has its perks. Well one, because it's cheaper than flying with someone fancier, but that's about it. If you want other things like priority boarding, getting to choose your own seat, and so on, you generally have to pay extra. But if you're a Three pay monthly customer you'll be able to get some of those things absolutely free - just as long as you're flying with Easy Jet.

Three customers can now get EasyJet's 'Hands Free' service without having to pay for it, the benefits of which include being allowed onto the plane before the common folk (but after the Speedy Boarding poshos), the option to check in your hand luggage without having to pay extra, alongside having your bags come out onto the conveyor belt before everyone else's. The first two I can live with out, if I'm honest, but getting my checked bags first sounds incredibly tempting. It's a good thing I've been suffering through Three's rubbish local signal, with 4G speeds that are somehow slower than 3G. Not that I have an EasyJet trips booked, mind.

As mentioned before you need to have a Three pay monthly contract, and then all you need to do is text UPGRADE and your flight number to 88555. Show the confirmation text at check-in and EasyJet will sort you out, even giving you a free tote bag to take any bits you need to take onto the plane. The only downside is that the terms and conditions say it's not available from flights outside the UK, which means you're only getting one free upgrade per round trip. [TechRadar]