UK's Pub Purge Continues as 1,300 Close in a Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK pub scene that includes everything that isn't a massive Wetherspoons is showing no signs of recovery, as stats show that nearly 1,300 of our pubs closed last year. We didn't even think there were 1,300 left.

The fun palaces of old are being turned into offices and flats now, seeing as people would rather sit at home saying funny things on the internet for no one to care about than drink away their problems. The numbers, collated by consultancy Altus Group, come with industry speculation that lays the blame for this latest wave of pub closures on rising business rates that make it hard for smaller chains to maintain their quaint little places on the high street, although the general fact that young people seem to be going off the booze for myriad reasons must also be a contributor.

Wage increases and consumers having less money to throw around on pints are also blamed, plus who wants to see a tatty old beer mat and a sad old man on Instagram? [Mirror]

Image credit: Unsplash