Unlike Pornhub, the World Cup Seems to Have Increased XHamster's Traffic

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday we brought you news that the World Cup seems to have led to a drop in traffic going to Pornhub. Or at least it did stop from countries that were playing a game at the same time. Weirdly, though, one of Pornhub's biggest competitors didn't seem to have that issue. In fact, according to XHamster it saw an increase in traffic from countries involved in the tournament.

The rodent-themed porn site hasn't made as much data available, but it has noted a number of countries decided porn was far more important than watching teams run around after a football. Particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, as you can see:

Weirdly Senegal is there with an 89.7 per cent increase in watching people fucking. Pornhub, on the other hand, found that traffic from the country actually dropped by 47 per cent while the football game was on. The same goes for Morocco, which suffered a 40 per cent drop on Pornhub. Either people there decided to switch sites, or football lovers and haters also happen to be segregated by porn preferences.

XHamster biggest drops in traffic make a big more sense, though, albeit on much smaller levels than Pornhub's losses. They all seemed to come from Latin America too, which is notably crazy about football.

It's a bit weird to see just how differently the World Cup can affect different porn sites, though the key difference is that Pornhub's data was taken during game time. XHamster's seems to be more general trends throughout the tournament. Maybe that explains the difference. People are watching the football while its on, and celebrating/commiserating the result by watching some adult-only content.