Wimbledon Says You Can Watch Football on Your Phone if Made to Endure Live Tennis

By Gary Cutlack on at

Football fans! Specifically, football fans whose wives booked very expensive tickets for Wimbledon ages ago and now you sort of have to go. There's some good news about this. The authorities at the tennis tournament have said that it will be OK to activate your phone and watch the football while in the grounds of Wimbledon, as long as you can manage to not stand up and go "F*CKING SQUARE IT DELLE JESUS CHRIST MAN ON" while someone's serving at 30-40 down.

The All England Club's chief executive Richard Lewis is clearly a bit worried about his precious mounds and seats and strawberry concession stands being deserted on Wednesday for the semi-final and potentially as dead as a suburban high street on Sunday should England's young and suddenly decent players make the final, so has yielded to modernity. Lewis said: "Our attitude is if people aren't affecting other people's enjoyment of the tennis, which they weren't, because they've got it on silent or whatever, or they are listening with an earphone, or whatever, that's fine."

It might be a little embarrassing to see a tennis crowd staring comatose at phones, but apparently it's time for the tennis world to admit other sports exists, with Lewis adding: "It’s not unheard of for there to be a ripple of applause or a shout when something happens in the football tournament and I am sure everybody will understand if it does."  [The Times]