Young People Bang up for Electric Cars, Old People Not so Keen

By Gary Cutlack on at

A survey asking young people what kind of car they might buy were they to ever have any money has thrown up a massive divide in age-related opinion, with the under-35s much more likely to consider going non-petrol and full-EV than their parents and grandparents.

The poll was conducted for the AA by Populus, and asked 10,000 people some fairly boring questions about cars. The key stat as far as EV enthusiasts are concerned is that electric cars are vastly more acceptable to young people, with 50 per cent of drivers aged 34 and under saying they would like to own an electric car. This plummeted to just 25 per cent of drivers aged over 65, as worries about range, charging cables and the like make petrol and diesel the favourite choices for pensioners to potter between Asda and Homebase in while listening to an extremely well-targeted CD of classic rock bought from a garage.

The AA found that a lot of people still worry about range anxiety with EVs, though, with 76 per cent of the car enthusiasts it asked saying that they don't think current electric vehicles go far enough on a charge for proper hassle-free ownership, and 67 per cent also believing current models take too long to charge. A lack of choice in electric models is also a downer, or a perceived downer at least. [BBC]