A Devon Couple is Selling Their House, But Only to Someone From a Specific Part of East London

By Tom Pritchard on at

I look at houses online every now and again, just to see the extortionate prices some of the places round me are going for. So hearing about a six bedroom townhouse on the market for £250,000 sounds like an absolute bargain, even if it is in Devon and a bit remote for my life. Sadly the couple selling it are very specific, and will only sell the place to someone from Ilford in East London.

David and Anne Beagley, who have been married since the '60s, first met in Ilford's St Mary's Church at the age of 16, and lived there together for a number of years. They eventually relocated to Ilfracombe in Devon after going there on holiday and deciding to stay. How they've decided that their house is too big, and plan on downsizing. But they've decided they want to sell the place to someone from where they're from, and not the locals. David explained:

"We have fond memories of Ilford and, to keep continuing a bit of Ilford in Ilfracombe, we are offering residents the opportunity to buy our home for £250,000.

I thought that if I came out of Ilford and loved it here, maybe others would like it too."

The building apparently dates back to 1901, has three floors, a decked area, and retains some of the older features like tiled flooring and fireplaces. They claim this sort of place could fetch up to half a million pounds back in Ilford, and realised that targeting Ilford residents might be a way of "shopping it quickly".

You can check out the house online, but unless you're from the right part of London you may not want to get too attached. It's a nice-looking place, with plenty of space and two bathrooms. Sadly I am not from Ilford. I also don't have £250,000 spare, and can't really move that far from London - as much as I'd like to. [Metro]