A Fake Warren Buffett is Spreading Inspiration on Twitter

By Kim Snaith on at

Most fake Twitter accounts exist only to troll people and generally be a nuisance. But not the fake Warren Buffett Twitter account that popped up over the weekend. A spoof account of the rich American businessman caught everyone's attention on Saturday, when a tweet sharing "advice for all the young people" was liked 291,000 times, and shared 125,000 times. And actually, the advice it had to give wasn't all that bad:

Even though the fake account apparently joined Twitter in December 2016, that tweet on Saturday was the first from the account. Presumably, it was a dead account, or one that's had its username changed and history wiped in order to become a fake Mr Buffett.

The real Warren Buffett, notable for his blue 'Verified' tick and the correct spelling of his own name (the fake account spells it 'Buffet' – with one T), has a presence on Twitter but hasn't tweeted anything from the account since July 2016. The fake Warren has gathered an impressive 223,000 followers, presumably just in the last few days, but it's still not a patch on real Warren's 1.4 million.

Fake or not, the tweets from @warrenbuffet99 are wholesome and inspirational... and there's just not enough of that on Twitter. So thank you, stranger-impersonating-Warren-Buffett. We appreciate your uplifting words. [BBC]

Featured image: Twitter/@warrenbuffet99