Airline in Trouble for Filtering Out Boys as Pilots and Giving Girls the Drinks Trolley

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a minor sexism furore kicking up around small UK flier TUI, which thought it was doing a great job of engaging with child travellers by giving them stickers. Two gender neutral stickers — as in, neither of them are pink — have been created to be handed out to kids, celebrating careers in the sky. Which is lovely, except whoever's doing the handing out has been guilty of a bit of entrenched sexism, as the girls have all been given "Future Cabin Crew" ones while the "Future Captain" stickers all found their ways onto the yoghurt-covered lapels of boys.

It was just an innocent accident or a strange coincidence, said a spokesperson for TUI, after a passenger on a flight to Bristol noticed that someone seemed to be grooming girls for a life of subserviently handing out miniature gins to fat old businessmen and sending the boys up front to learn fly the entire plane.

Passenger Dame Gillian Morgan went to the news with her observations, and said she could tell it was done with good intentions, but that the staff handing them out — all female on this particular flight — should've tried a bit harder not to fall into the 1970s stewardess role. She said: "They wanted to give them something nice to remember the flight. If it was random it would have been half and half. They should have thought about handing them out in a way that doesn't show implicit sexism." [Bristol Live]