Alexa Will Soon Remember How Stupid It Is

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon enthusiasts have spotted a new feature being tested in the wild that lets the interactive speaker thing get back to you at a later date, should it currently not know the answer to one of your spoken queries.

Amazon calls this feature the Answer Update, with the idea being that should Alexa upgrade itself or its Knowledge Graph or learn how to understand your accent, the Echo smart speaker system will process the answer and let you know. Ages later. Probably too late and when you've forgotten why you were asking or found out another way. But there you go.

This update means there'll be a new answer to questions, with the speaker now fobbing you off by saying it'll notify you should it ever work out the answer. A bit like when humans say they'll think about something as a way of getting out of doing it. Clever things, these AIs. Already learning how to get out of doing stuff. [Voicebot via TechCrunch]