Amazon is Encouraging Staff to Defend its Practises on Social Media

By Gary Cutlack on at

In what we are sure is only a massive coincidence, a group of thoroughly happy-with-their-workplace Amazon warehouse staff have started responding to criticism of their company online, posting positive messages about how thrilled they are to be working in warehouses and how lovely the whole experience is, and even boasting about how much they get paid. Man going "hmmm" emoji here.

As many as 16 of the suspiciously pro-Amazon accounts have been uncovered so far, all with "Amazon FC Ambassador" in their Twitter names, the same forced-smile logo as their header and a link to Amazon's US-based fulfilment centre job portal as their online home. Amazon won't say if these people are being paid for their time spent tweeting good news about the company, although clearly there's some sort of mass mobilisation and attempt at whitewashing online discussion going on at the company at the very least.

TechCrunch has found around 16 FC Ambassador profiles — although it's hard to count them accurately now because, obviously, some parodies have already appeared and it's hard to tell the difference between the parody and the reality of what goes on in the Amazon packing chain — with some terribly forced and cringeworthy messages from the ambassadors out there, such as Carol's assurance that: "I love 'couch shopping!' It's ALMOST as much fun as being here at work in the FC. As a picker, we get to see all the unique things people purchase. It keeps the night interesting, waiting to see what is going to come across my screen next."

Yeah, like how working in a meat factory is amazing because you get to see all the sausages people are going to enjoy eating next week, and may imagine their happy, sausage-eating faces while you work away at Output Nozzle Station 14 in tears for 12 straight hours. [TechCrunch]