Amazon May Take on the Meerkats With its Own Price Comparison Site

By Tom Pritchard on at

It feels like Amazon touches on most areas of consumer business, especially since its become the go-to online shopping hub for a lot of people. It's got shopping, groceries, logistics, streaming and digital downloads, to name a few, and now it may be trying to break into the Meerkat-loving world of price comparison.

According to a new report from Reuters, Amazon is in discussions with several UK insurance companies to try and bring their services and business onto a new price comparison website. The sources for this news are unnamed industry executives who confirmed several discussions are taking lace with Amazon involved, though there's no set date on when the site might launch.

It's also not clear what kind of insurance would be for sale, but considering the ubiquity (and necessity) of home and motoring insurance they seem like no-brainers. Given Amazon's reported attempts to start a healthcare company in the US, I also wouldn't be surprised if it started trying to flog private medical insurance to our NHS-loving population.

Given how far Amazon has spread over the past several years, and the range of services it has on offer, a price comparison site isn't the most outlandish idea in the world. It already has a lot of the right infrastructure in place on its retail site, and the fact it has such a large and dedicated customer base (not the mention all those Prime members) means it should be an attractive location for all the insurance companies to advertise their coverage.

It's just a question of whether or not people can be tempted away from Sergei, Alexsandr, and that annoying Opera singer. Google tried this same sort of thing a few years back, ad that shuttered after a year. So it's going to need some brilliant marketing. [Reuters via TechRadar]