Another Amazon Sale Starts Tomorrow, but the Savings Have Already Begun

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's only been about a month since Amazon gave us Prime Day, and all the savings that came along with it, but like DFS there doesn't seem to be a way to stop the company from trying to sell us stuff we didn't need until we saw it on sale. The company has a 'Countdown to the Bank Holiday' sale starting tomorrow, but some of the bargains are already up on site.

The proper sale is set to last from the 22nd to 29nd August, which is a whole week for Amazon to try and drain your wallet or convince you that the discounts make buying an Echo device completely worthwhile. But Amazon being Amazon there's a countdown to the countdown sale, and you can head on over to save money on a bunch of other stuff. You just need to be quick, because those deals are limited, and won't be there forever.

The daily deals will be there until midnight tonight according to the countdown, including this offer that gives you six months of Xbox Live Gold for the price of three, or 20 per cent of Anker charging accessories. Others are lightning deals, and only have a limited amount of discounted stock. There seem to be a lot of fitness tracker bands in that list, which is a little odd.

Finally we have the regular deals, which are just discounts that have no time or stock limits. Presumably those are going to be sticking around for a while, especially the discounted Amazon products. If you want a £35 Echo Dot, you have another chance. There's also 20 per cent off refurbished Echos, £15 off the Fire HD 8, and more.

All those deals are available here, and if you're a Prime member you can check out upcoming Lighting Deals here. You can also be sure more of them will be popping up tomorrow when the sale actually officially begins.