Apparently Wetherspoons Used to be Accepting of Dogs, but No Longer

By Tom Pritchard on at

Here's a weird little story to finish off your Friday. Apparently Weatherspoons has just announced that from 10th September it'll be strictly enforcing a "no dogs policy" in all 936 pubs. With the exception of guide dogs, naturally. Frankly I had no idea that Wetherspoons was ok with dogs being allowed inside, and it's a little weird that a national chain like this would have to say "oi, no dogs" in 2018.

Apparently the pub has had the no dogs policy in place since 1979, the same year it was founded, but has been quite lenient with dog owners in the years since. Which is surprising. You see dogs in country pubs, and occasionally the odd independent place, but Wetherspoons is a big chain that a lot of food and stuff. It's the last place you'd think to find a dog.

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon explained the company's new stricter policy enforcement in a statement:

“Even well behaved dogs can be unpredictable, every dog owner thinks their dog is perfect. We welcome a lot of children and families at our restaurants. Younger children in particular can be unpredictable around dogs and many are scared of dogs.

We serve a lot of food and, unfortunately, not all owners are diligent over cleaning up dog mess.”

That last part is very true, and there are plenty of dog owners who will let their pet poo all over the pavement - regardless of how many other people have to walk that way. So it sounds like we've got a few crappy dog owners spoiling for all those chilled out pooches that want nothing more than to enjoy pint on a Friday night. The policy even covers beer gardens which, while outdoors, are still pub grounds.

While there are reports of outraged dog owners insisting this is totally unfair, it's an understandable decision to make. There are lots of places that won't allow non-guide dogs, especially restaurants and other places full of food. But no doubt there are plenty of pubs who will put up with friendly non-messy dogs, so if you must take your four-legged pal out for a drink you best take them to one of those instead. [Express and Star]