Big Finish Celebrates 20 Years of Doctor Who Audio Adventures With an Elaborate Crossover

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in the '90s there was no Doctor Who. The classic series ended in 1989, and the revived series was still way off. But 1999 saw the BBC licence off the rights to Big Finish, who have spent the past 19 years developing a variety of audio dramas based around the many, many cast members that have been part of the series over the past 55 years. With next year being the big 20 year anniversary, it's celebrating in true Doctor Who style: with an elaborate crossover.

The Legacy of Time is set to be released next July, and features six hour-long stories featuring characters from the new and classic series. It's a long way off, but you can't generate hype without some time to let people get themselves excited.

Time is collapsing.

Incidents of temporal chaos and devastation are appearing throughout the many lives of the Doctor and his friends – fallout from one terrible disaster.

The Doctor must save history itself – and he will need all the help he can get.

That's the synopsis, and naturally the only way the Doctor can handle a threat of that magnitude is to team up with himself. Six versions of himself, in fact, with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann playing their respective incarnations of the Doctor alongside Tim Treloar taking on the role of Doctor #3.

On top of these we'll see Alex Kingston return as River Song, teaming up with Lisa Bowerman's Bernice Summerfield - the other time-travelling archaeologist from the Doctor's past. Jemma Redgrave's Kate Stewart will also be taking a jaunt back in time to the golden age of UNIT, teaming up with the third Doctor and Jo Grant (Katy Manning), while the Sixth Doctor gets a brand new police-procedural adventure with some companions nobody will have heard of if they only watched the TV series.

The final announced story celebrates the 30th anniversary of Remembrance of the Daleks and features the Seventh Doctor and Ace (Sophie Aldred) reuniting with the Counter-Measures team that first appeared in the story and ended up several audio series of their own. That leaves two stories with details that have yet to be announced, no doubt featuring the Fourth and Eighth Doctors. It's been promised that both Gallifrey and the Time War will be involved along the way, and that's our only hint so far.

Pre-orders are open now, costing £45 for the CD version and £40 for a digital copy. Once the stories go on general release, however, the price is getting a bump up to £60 fr the CD and £55 for digital. [Big Finish]