Brit Pensioner Thinks He Can Get His Bike up to 93mph

By Gary Cutlack on at

75-year-old cyclist and famed bike designer Mike Burrows has had another dream to outdo his previous achievements in the cycling world. He's up for the challenge of setting the human-powered transport world record this September, in a self-designed bike he'll be smashing around the flat, warm and beautifully tarmacked cycling paradise of Battle Mountain in Nevada.

In a previous chunk of his cycling life Burrows achieved fame as designer of the Lotus machine that Chris Boardman rode to Olympic gold in 1992, but this time he's doing the pedalling himself. And at the age of 75 he clearly thinks his fully enclosed recumbent machine, being built under the banner of Aim93 to highlight his 93mph top speed expectations, is such a winning design that even legs of an age that should have retired to being shuttled around between branches of Wetherspoons on buses can push it to record speeds.

The current HPV speed record, set at Battle Mountain in 2016, is 89.59mph. Burrows will be going for that in the week commencing September 10, and will be filmed doing it by a documentary team. [HP Speed Challenge via Bikebiz]