Brit Women Match Men Pint-for-Pint in Boozing

By Gary Cutlack on at

The women of the UK have really been raising their game when it comes to knocking back the pints of prosecco of late, with stats on global drinking rates showing that we're one of the few countries where women routinely consume as many units of alcohol as men.

Usually, men drink more. Because of being men reasons. In countries like Ukraine and Sweden, in fact, men drink very nearly twice as many units of alcohol per week as their local women counterparts, so the UK's average consumption of 3.0 units being the same for both men and women is quite a rare thing. Perhaps it's because it turns out our men aren't as hardcore at putting it away then sicking it up again as we've been led to believe, with that 3-unit average way behind the 4.5 unit mark of Ireland and Denmark, with the men of Luxembourg and Ukraine drinking a staggering 7 units per week each, on average.

The reasons the for UK's dead-heat in male/female alcohol consumption are mixed, according to study co-author professor Sonia Saxena, who said: "Some of it could be about ladette culture, or about changing gender roles, so women are more likely to drink after work alongside men. Some of it is about a real push to promote drinks to women as well — more wine, more cocktails, glamorising drinking, while at the same time prices have come down." [Telegraph]