Butlin's Has Computers Now and They Got Hacked

By Gary Cutlack on at

Youth internment chain Butlin's has joined the list of shame that records mass public hackings, with the company saying that the details of around 34,000 guests have been obtained by hackers.

Included in the haul are the names, addresses, phone numbers and email contact details of visitors, although the chain says credit card details were fortunately taken better care of and have not been accessed. What they did get though was holiday dates, which could be useful for knowing when to go to a house and steal its TV.

Butlin's MD Dermot King must've been doing the full regretful bottom lip puff when he said: "I would like to apologise for any upset or inconvenience this incident might cause. A dedicated team has been set up to contact all guests who may be affected directly. I would like to personally reassure guests that no financial data has been compromised."

The good news for Butlin's in this case is that it's done a thoroughly modern job of reporting it to the Information Commissioner's Office, with the breach only taking place within the last 72 hours. It was a phishing job, they say, from someone pretending to be from the local Chamber of Commerce. [Mirror]