Channel 4 Has a Big Brother Clone for Social Media

By Gary Cutlack on at

Channel 4 is currently putting the finishing touches to a programme called The Circle, one that's a sort of reality TV experience with the twist that its stars can only interact with each other through a smartphone app -- and those who generate the fewest likes get blocked and head off to the eviction special.

Filming has been under way for some time, and has been kept relatively secret, in a building in west London, with the interned contestants using only a bespoke social media app called The Circle to communicate with each other. Hence there's some vague attempt at finding a deeper meaning in all this by asking adult questions about how people manipulate their images and personalities online. More importantly, the winner gets £50k and loads more followers on his or her real, monetisable, social media accounts.

The show's creative director Tim Harcourt said: "So many of us do bizarre things or become very different versions of ourselves just to be 'liked' online. And whilst sometimes social media seems ridiculous and shallow, at other times it becomes a force for positive change." [YouTube via Deadline]