China's Not Sending Over Enough Fans

By Gary Cutlack on at

The hot weather has brought good and bad news for the UK's electrical retailers. The good news is that sales of fans have rocketed as people turn to legacy, non-smart gadgetry to solve this summer's hot bedroom crisis. The bad news is that shops are now running out of fans because it won't stop being hot and we expect technology to solve everything.

This spinning wind generation gadget shortage is currently being highlighted by mass market unit shifter Argos, which is warning that it's low on stock because people – probably in England football shirts – have been hitting the shop in huge numbers and buying up all the stock. The BBC noticed this, and has also done the modern journalism job of scouring Twitter to find examples of people who have found it unusually hard to purchase themselves fans, with Tesco, Sainsbury's and Wilko all apparently low on the devices.

A Wilko spokesperson told the BBC that sales of summer essentials like fans have risen by 90 per cent compared with last year, as the UK population, sweating through into the sofa cushions, takes desperate measures. [BBC]