Cineworld is Opening Triple-Wall Cinema Screens in Greenwich and Liverpool

By Tom Pritchard on at

Cinemas and film companies have done lots of things to try and make a trip to the local multiplex more exciting, including large IMAX screens, 3D films, and so on. Now the Cineworld at Greenwich's O2 has a new gimmick, and it involves three cinema screens that are designed to expand the field of view and offer a more immersive experience.

ScreenX, as its called, was founded in South Korea back in 2015 and has added its triple-wall screen to 139 cinemas across the world. But none of them have ever been installed in the UK until now, and Cineworld has exclusive rights to add the tech to 100 UK cinemas and a few select locations in the US. The idea is that the main screen shows the same footage you'd see at any other cinema, while combining with special shot footage on either side to offer a 270-degree view of what's going on. Apparently this extra footage isn't essential, but is instead designed to fill up your peripheral vision with supplementary content.

Obviously this isn't going to be the kind of experience every film will offer, and IMAX it's going to involve a specialised camera setup to shoot all the new footage. What's more, because this isn't the kind of thing that's possible to do in every single scene and location the extra 'wing' screens do turn on and off throughout the film.

Screen X has already been installed at the Greenwich O2 and in the Speke Cineworld in Liverpool, with plans to bring it to the White Rose Cineworld in Leeds next month. The first film screenings to take advantage of the extra screens will be Jason Statham's The MegAnt-Man and the Wasp, and later on The Conjuring  spin-off The Nun. Tickets cost more than a standard ticket, though, so be prepared to fork out an extra £3 to experience those extra viewing angles.

You can see more about ScreenX, and book tickets to see either The Meg or Ant-Man and the Wasp over on the Cineworld website. [TechRadar]