Council Accidentally Mows Butterfly Count Meadow

By Gary Cutlack on at

A picturesque Devon meadow that was used in David Attenborough's mission to count the butterflies is no longer all that photogenic or such an untouched nature hotspot, as its precious grasses and flowers have been mowed away by a rogue council worker. At least it will make counting the butterflies significantly easier.

East Devon District Council has apologised at blowing the chance of ever enjoying a visit from Attenborough, explaining: "We regret that one of our operatives misunderstood the instructions he was given and cut the arena area by mistake, instead of just cutting some pathways and a flat area to help those using the park for walking through. We agree this shouldn't have happened and will be taking measures to ensure that this doesn't happen again next year."

Easy thing to do, get carried away on a ride-on mower. They're the most fun a council worker gets to have. Wildlife experts have confirmed to us that chopping a butterfly into 1,000 pieces does not lead to the creation of 1,000 smaller butterflies, so it's all quite sad. [Devon Live]