Crappy Buses Stop People Holding Down Jobs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers tasked with doing a bit of Orwellian investigation into the lives of your everyday folk in the north of England have come to the conclusion that the buses need to be better, finding that people are missing job interviews and losing work opportunities simply because the public transport system is so unreliable.

A team from Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield talked to people in Manchester and Leeds, who found rail options too expensive and were therefore stuck commuting on the buses -- leading to ongoing daily timetabling misery of a sort anyone who's ever squinted in disbelief at a bus schedule can imagine.

Potential employees say they were rejected from roles because bosses knew they'd be getting the bus to work and are therefore likely to only arrive in time for elevensies on a bad day. Workers also pointed out that much of the modern work is on out-of-town industrial estates nowadays, places that often aren't served by traditional bus routes; so if you don't own a car you're sort of stuffed. [Guardian]