Derby Cathedral's Pagan Horror Film Night Didn't Go Down Very Well

By Gary Cutlack on at

The current holders of the god-worship franchise at Derby Cathedral realised that people would rather stay at home in their houses watching films than go somewhere cold and uncomfortable to sing songs they don't know the words or tune of -- so they put on a film night. That'll get them in, they thought, and we can metaphorically crucify them by overcharging for snacks. And it did get them in, with punters enjoying a baffling night of 70s action in the form of pagan horror The Wicker Man and grim psychic thriller Don't Look Now. In Derby Cathedral.

It was a bit wrong to show the rude and not exactly godlike Wicker Man in a cathedral, say critics, even if it did encourage a few people to put their 40-year-old wedding suits on and head off to the church for the first time in 20 years to see a bit of Britt Ekland's tits. At least it didn't happen on a Sunday.

Cathedral manager the Very Reverend Dr Stephen Hance has been called to kneel and explain himself, and he has, saying: "They are actually really powerful stories about faith and doubt and some of the things people wrestle with," adding that the unfortunate bits of nudity in the Edward Woodward classic won't be showing God anything he hasn't seen before. Hance also claimed that showing very old films that have been on one of the ITVs most weekends since the 1980s is helping the building meet the needs of the people of Derby, who presumably don't have that many tellies between them or even an old community VHS machine. [BBC]