Did Amazon Just Accidentally Confirm Samsung’s Unreleased Dual-Wireless Charger?

By Sam Rutherford on at

Amazon is really good at making it easy to buy stuff online, however it seems the company isn’t all that great at keeping secrets. That’s because last night at an Amazon Christmas press preview event, among the hundreds of products it was trying to push as we slowly approach peak gifting season, the company had one unannounced product just sitting out on the shelves for anyone to come take a look at.

Rumours about Samsung’s upcoming Wireless Charger Duo have been making the rounds, especially in advance of the Note 9's launch on August 9, but Amazon seems to have outright confirmed its existence by putting it on display at its event.

Unfortunately, the handful of Amazon employees that were manning the nearby smart home and electronics station didn’t know much about the device, including its price or expected release date. And when I checked out the product tag that was sitting nearby, it was labelled “Samsung Qi Pad (2018).” which seems like a different product altogether. In fact, when I tried to look up the product using Amazon’s QR code, it links you to this thing instead, which is a wireless charger from Samsung, but not the one that was on the display.

The only port on this thing was a single USB-C jack in back.

It’s not clear how fast this charger’s wireless charging will be, but specs on the back list its power input as 12 volts at 2.1 amps.

The Wireless Charger Duo has two hidden indicator lights in front to let you know about your device’s charging status. Unfortunately, the unit on display didn’t seem to functioning properly, so they remained red most of the time.

When I got there, this tag was on the charger, though Samsung’s Qi Pad is actually a completely different product.

It’s not quite as elegant as Apple’s Air Power charging pad, but at least this thing seems like its closer to actually being available.

As for what little info I could glean from the device itself, it seems to have two wireless charging pads that are powered by a single USB-C input in back. And while there isn’t any official branding in front, by flipping the charger over, I found a sticker on the bottom with a big Samsung logo and power specs listing the device’s input at 12 volts at 2.1 amps.

The other small feature is that, hidden beneath the black plastic in front, there are two handy indicator lights that tell you what the pad’s charging status is. Sadly, the charger didn’t seem to be fully operational as I only briefly got it to blink green and send a tiny bit of juice to my Galaxy S8 before the lights went red and it stopped working.

When it comes to that flat charger on the other side of the pad, rumors suggest it’s intended for use with Samsung’s next Gear smartwatch, which is expected to launch at IFA.

So how did this unannounced wireless charger get outed ahead of its official release? My best guess is that someone at Amazon simply grabbed the wrong product and put it on display instead of the Qi Pad that was apparently supposed to be there. We’ve reached out to Amazon for more information on the device and to ask why it was on display. Samsung declined to comment.

While we’re still waiting for more details on the device’s actual pricing and release, at least now we have pretty damn good evidence that Samsung’s rumored dual-wireless charger is coming.