Eon has Opened up a Smart Energy Concept Home in London

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you've ever wondered just how much impact a full range of smart home technologies can have on everyday life, you're not alone. Energy provider Eon is also curious, and with that in mind it's teamed up with developer Berkley Homes to launch a smart home filled with the latest and best tech. The goal is to study how smart tech can intgrate with daily life, and work out how to make energy efficiency "second nature" to regular people.

The idea behind the ‘Future Energy Home’ project is figuring out a way to ensure a “lower cost, less carbon-reliant” lifestyle, with the pilot home setting up shop at the Kidbrooke Village development in Greenwich. The house itself comes pack with EV charging points, 'solar glazing' built into a glass canopy that can apparently supply up to 60 per cent of the house's energy needs, battery storage systems (naturally), and other typical smart home gadgets you might already have.

Everything is accessible and controlled through a tablet-based dashboard, which is meant to help people understand the technology they're interacting with.

Karl Whiteman, divisional managing director at Berkeley Homes, said:

"Our industry needs to have a clear focus on sustainability and efficiency - in the homes we build, the way we build them and in how we run our business.

As technology progresses, we also want to see energy management becoming second nature to consumers; our goal is to help them on the journey there by showing them how it can become a seamless addition to their homes."

Michael Lewis, Eon UK Chief Executive said:

“The new energy world is decentralised, green and interconnected but sustainability is about more than technology, it is most importantly about creating something that fits with people’s lives. Our work with Berkeley on the Future Energy Home is about making sure homes are smart and lower carbon but also convenient and manageable when it comes to managing our busy lives.”

Eon is no stranger to this sort of thing, having recently teamed up with Google to show people whether it's worth adding a solar panel array to their house. While it's not clear what will come of the smart home, and whether it means Berkley will start integrating the technology into new builds, it's obvious the energy company isn't going to be giving up on this sort of thing anytime soon. [Energy Live News]