Essex Ikea Turns Temporary Crash Pad for Stranded Motorists

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Thurrock branch of Ikea said TO HELL with its advertised closing times last night, after a crash on the M25 caused traffic chaos in the area and people needed somewhere to be that wasn't suffering in a car on a non-moving slip road.

Ikea therefore made itself and its supply of sofas and beds available to around 200 customers who couldn't escape from its car parks as a result of gridlock both ways on the motorway, allowing families and their children to relax on the beds, even going so far as to tell some parents that their children could sleep there for the entire night if necessary. It was a big bad corporation being nice in a time of need, like how people used to camp out in the London Underground to escape the bombing of WWII, only not quite as serious.

It wasn't necessary for the demo sheets to get particularly soiled, though, as emergency services cleared the M25 of obstruction just before 11pm and people were thus denied the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to glamp out overnight in an Ikea warehouse. In the end, the shop stayed open until 11pm instead of its usual 10pm everyone-out time, in what Ikea referred to as a "softer close" than usual. [Standard]