Even Funeral Ads Have to be Edgy and Loaded With Viral Potential Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oh dear, this has happened. A company that specialises in cremating away the inconvenient earthly vessels of the recently deceased has decided the funeral industry needs shaking up a bit, hence this. A series of funny adverts for being cremated, including one showing happy surfers with coffin lids for boards, beaming about being dead soon and on fire.

The series of ads has been created on behalf of funeral business Beyond, which is obviously hoping to create a bit of controversy and get in the Daily Mail as it's happily announcing that the ads have been rejected from display on London's transport network by TfL, and is using this to generate a bit more interest in its other edgy depictions of death as a fun adventure.

There's even one that's for women, laughing about them buying pink coffins:

And there's another one in the form of a flu remedy ad that suggests you might die soon of that little symptom. The funny corpse-chuckers at Beyond don't seem to mind scaring the elderly, as long as it opens up a fun debate about what happens when you die. [Sky News]